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Being that we all live and work in Palm Beach County, where to get a good pedicure is a question that we get a lot. Luckily, there are options. Rather than list specific nail salons, today we are going to talk about what makes a safe pedicure.

1. You want to choose a place that sterilizes their instruments in an autoclave machine. This means that they should be opening instruments out of individually sealed packets. Another option is to buy and bring your own instruments. They should also not be using a pumice stone or cheese grater that has been used on other people. Some places also have individual use bags that line the foot bath basins. This helps provide a clean environment while your feet are soaking.

2. Bring your own nail polish. Nail fungus can be spread through instruments that are not clean or through sharing polish. Healthy people with an intact nail will often be able to fight off any fungus, but why risk it? Also, bringing your own polish allows you to choose a "healthy polish". Look for polish that has tree tee oil (a natural anti-fungal) and also is free of formaldehyde (a chemical that can cause the nails to become thin, dry, and brittle). We offer a variety of these polishes in our office.

3. Remove your polish at home several days before your next pedicure. This will allow the nail to "breathe" and return to it's natural state before being covered in polish for another couple of weeks. This can help limit any discoloration that may occur from weeks of being covered in polish.

4. Be particular. Ask the pedicurist to cut the nail straight across (not back at the corners). This will help prevent ingrown nails. Also, ask them not to push back or trim the cuticles. This can expose the area to bacteria or fungus and has no medical purpose.

There are many places in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens that will accomodate the above requests. The key is to know what to look for and to speak up about what you would and would not like done. Feel free to stop by or call us with any further questions.

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