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Football and Heel Pain in Children

    Now that the children of Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens are all back to school, we start seeing more and more kids in our office with heel pain. Why is it that our kids were feeling fine all summer and suddenly you have to drag them to a podiatrist's office in the middle of the day?

    Rest assured, that you are not alone. A lot of kids start having pain around this year because after a relaxing summer of hanging out at the beach and playing video games they are suddenly thrust back into intense sports practices. A lot of kids we see this time of year are teen and pre-teen boys that have just started up the football season. These kids can get pain to the back of their heels that may actually cause them to limp. This pain is most commonly associated with an open growth plate and a tight Achilles tendon. Treatment often includes rest, ice, heel cups or orthotics and lots and lots of stretching. Occasionally, a child shows up with a fracture of the heel bone, which is a lot more serious of an injury. My advice is not to delay if your child has heel pain. Ignoring the pain this early in the school year may cause nagging pain and missed games throughout the season. Often, early and agressive treatment can resolve this foot pain before it gets worse!

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