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April 14, 2014
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Toes that bend or curl downwards are called hammertoes. Hammertoes are often flexible and mild earlier in life and may become more pronounced and stiffer as years go on. Often, hammertoes cause no pain at all, but stiff hammertoes may cause rubbing in certain shoes and/or added pressure to the ball of the foot.


  • Bent/curled toes
  • Calluses or corns from rubbing against shoes
  • Open wounds from rubbing against shoes
  • Added pressure to the ball of the foot because of the position of the toes


  • Conservative treatment includes padding, strapping, and changes in shoe gear to avoid pressure to the painful areas
  • Surgical treatment may include simple in office procedures or an outpatient procedure to straighten the toe

If your hammertoes are causing you pain, please come to see us so that we can discuss all of the options that may be right for you. There is always more than one option that we can recommend that will help get you back to normal activity.