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June 05, 2014
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Many moms have come to the office asking about their baby or toddler's feet. This topic is especially of interest to me at the moment since I currently have a 5 week old baby boy. Most parents start to notice the shape of their child's feet around the time that the child starts walking. Rest assured that it is usually completely normal for babies and toddlers to have flat feet. Babies are born without many of the bones in their feet that adults have. This results in a foot that appears flat and floppy. As your little one grows, the bones will fully develop and provide that arch that we are accustomed to seeing. If your child continues to have very flat feet or shows any signs of difficulty walking please bring them by so that we can evaluate the architecture of your child's foot. There are some rare conditions that may be responsible for a flat foot and usually a quick in-office x-ray can alleviate any fears. In the meantime, here is a picture of my baby boy's feet.